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Why do I need to test to euronorms?

Manufacturers of equipment that will be sold into the European marketplace require CE approval prior to the unit being shipped. 

Severe fines are being issued to manufacturers that have not complied with these standards. 

While a brief listing of these are given in our page, European Specifications, you should buy a copy of these specifications and carefully read them for yourself, to determine which specifications, and what levels of threat that you need to comply with. 

Typically, one of three testing methods can be used prior to self certification and the issuance of the CE mark.

  1. Send your product (s) to a certified EMC Test House for complete testing. 
  2. Perform pre-compliance tests in-house, and then send product (s) to a certified EMC Test House for final verification.
  3. Conduct full compliance testing in-house.

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