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EMxpert In Action
EMxpert is a real-time, compact, bench-top EMC/EMI diagnostic tool enabling designers to rapidly diagnose & solve EMC/EMI problems in a single design cycle. Gain insights about why designs fail something no chamber can give you. No more waiting for chamber time to redesign & test by trial & error. The EMxpert rapidly diagnoses even intermittent problems, which may go undetected when using handheld and automated probes.

Application Notes for EMxpert

RFxpert In Action
RFxpert is the only real-time, compact, bench-top antenna measurement equipment.  In less then a second, unique array of automatically switched probes calculates accurate far-field (FF) patterns and radiated pwoer levels based on very-near-field (NF) measurements.  Immediate access to FF data saves time and cost by reducing reliance upon time consumng and costly anechoic chambers.  Unique NF data provides insight into the root cause of problems.

Application Notes for RFxpert



  • CTIA Test Chambers
  • MIMO Chambers
  • 3D and 2D Wireless Antenna Pattern Chambers
  • Wireless Test Chambers
  • Bluetooth Test Boxes
  • Cellular phone table top test boxes
  • Tapered Antenna Chambers
  • Antenna Test Boxes
  • Anechoic lined RF Shielded Chambers
  • RF Shielded Rooms
  • Table top RF Enclosures


  • Isotropic "E" & "H" Field Probes
  • Cellular Phone Presence Alert System

Meggitt    (ex-Stable Cable, Kaman Instrumentation, Whittaker)

  • Silicon Dioxide Custom Microwave Cable Assemblies (hermetic sealed)
  • Low Phase, low loss semi-rigid lines
  • 0.047, 0.090, 0.125, 0.142, 0.200, 0.275, 0.296, 0.532" standard cable diameters
  • Up to 1kW CW at 10Ghz
  • -200oC to +950oC Operation
  • Vibration 20Gs, 500 to 2000Hz
  • Operational frequencies to 50Ghz 
  • Flex cable
  • Cable Management


Omega Shielding  ISO9001:2008 Quality System, of course
Fingerstock, gasketing, etc, see below for specifics

No Snag Series

Contact Ring Series

   > Male Contact

   > Female Contact

Twist Series

Twist Right Angle



Low Profile Twist

Twist Clip-on

Mini Twist Clip-on

Enviro Twist

Twist Sub-series

Clip-on Series

Transverse Clip-on

Mini-Twist Clip-on

Twist Clip-on

Mini-Reverse Clip-on

Bidirectional Clip-on


Mini Clip-on

Clip-on Sub




Reverse-spherical clip-on

High Deflection clip-on

No-snag clip-on

Contact Series

Spherical U-Contact

Flat Contact

Spherical Flat-contact


Fold-Over Series

Enclosed Fold-over



High Deflection Series

High Deflection Right-Angle



Right Angle Series

High Deflection Right-Angle


Right Angle Sub-Series

Enviro-Twist Series

Coil and Continuous Length Series  

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