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Electronic Instrument  Associates has been serving and solving needs in the EMC / EMI community since 1971

We are now offering guaranteed EMC Solutions! 
From "just" the chamber to complete systems integration, including ... training.  

We do the heavy lifting so you won't have to.

We have built and supplied most of the chambers and Systems in the Midwest

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Our company prides itself in offering the EMC Community complete systems as well as training and education to assure you minimum risk when you join our family.

Questions?  Call Frank Krozel at 630-924-1600 or email frank@electronicinstrument.com 


What was new/announced at the July 25, International IEEE Symposium in Ottawa <Click here after July 26th>


We can assist you in the maze of Pre-Compliance or Compliance, Specifications, and the equipment to address each of the critical steps to keep you in business.
We understand that your success is paramount -  we can work with you to meet your short term needs and long term plans.....exactly what we have been doing in the EMI / EMC business now since 1971.   

If you want to set-up a small test lab or a complete Compliant EMC Lab, we have access to all of the right equipment.  

From Radiated Emissions scanners for Printed Circuit board analysis to spectrum analyzers to CISPR compliant receivers, we offer all the major products and technologies providing you with a complete system. High quality coax completes your test set-up.

If you want to expand your test capability that you already have...  we can work with you with confidence that when we are done, you have a system that meets your and your companies goals..  

Call us at 630-924-1600 or email us <click here> to help better understand your direction and establish a plan for your future.



    EMC Manufacturer's & Lines Represented 5/1/2017


AE Techron



emCAL  Calibrations - 17025 Compliant

  • Calibration of any EMC antennas - A2LA
  • Certification of any EMC antennas




EMSCAN Videos on U-Tube (The EMSCAN channel!")

EMxpert In Action
EMxpert is a real-time, compact, bench-top EMC/EMI diagnostic tool enabling designers to rapidly diagnose & solve EMC/EMI problems in a single design cycle. Gain insights about why designs fail something no chamber can give you. No more waiting for chamber time to redesign & test by trial & error. The EMxpert rapidly diagnoses even intermittent problems, which may go undetected when using handheld and automated probes.

Application Notes for EMxpert

RFxpert In Action
RFxpert is the only real-time, compact, bench-top antenna measurement equipment.  In less then a second, unique array of automatically switched probes calculates accurate far-field (FF) patterns and radiated pwoer levels based on very-near-field (NF) measurements.  Immediate access to FF data saves time and cost by reducing reliance upon time consumng and costly anechoic chambers.  Unique NF data provides insight into the root cause of problems.

Application Notes for RFxpert





  • Guaranteed EMC Solutions:  Systems:  Training
  • Power amplifiers for Systems for Radiated Immunity
  • Power amplifiers and Systems for Conducted Immunity
  • Complete guaranteed solutions including training!
  • 3, 5, 10 meter Anechoic chambers for IEC, ANSI C63.4, etc
  • Space Saving pre-compliant EMC chambers
  • Mode-stirred chambers
  • Automotive chambers
  • Anechoic chambers for Engineering Evaluation
  • Solid & Screened RF shielded rooms
  • Table Top Shielded Enclosures
  • EMC / EMI Emission and Immunity Antennas
  • GTEMTM cells
  • TEM cells
  • Triplate
  • BoresiteTM Tower
  • MinimastTM
  • Ground planes
  • BCI Injection probes & Monitor probes
  • LISN's
  • EMC accessories
  • Near Field "RF Emissions Sniffer" probes
  • "E" Field Isotropic Field Probe systems, 10kHz to 40Ghz
  • "H" Field probe systems
  • Turntables
  • Towers
  • Site Validation services
  • Relocations / Door maintenance



  • Electrostatic Discharge Simulator (ESS Series) for IEC 61000-4-2
  • Component Level ESD Simulator to HBM and MN Testing
  • Impulse Noise Simulator (INS Series)
  • Fast Transient Burst Simulator (FNS Series) for IEC 61000-4-4
  • 15kV Lightning Surge Simulator LSS-F03 Series for IEC 61000-4-5
  • 6kV Lightning Surge Simulator LSS-6230A for IEC 61000-4-5
  • 6kV Lightning Surge Simulator LSS-6230A for ANSI/IEEE C62.45
  • Voltage Dip Simulator VDS-2002 for IEC 61000-4-11
  • Automotive Transient Surge Simulators for JASO
  • Automotive Transient Surge Simulators for ISO standards

Omega Shielding

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality System
  • Fingerstock
  • Gasketing





OPHIR RF, Inc.       






TILE, EMC / EMI Software

  • Complete EMI / EMC Software for the EMI and EMC lab
  • Now in 2015, TILE 7 offers "Virtual Instrumentation" - no need to shut your lab down to built a test script!
  • New in 2015, "One Button" Test Exec.



Silent Solutions

  • EMC/ EMI Test Consultation
  • Retrofit and Troubleshoot
  • Pre-Compliance Testing
  • RF Design
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) & Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) troubleshooting
  • EMI and Self Interference Engineering Classes



V Technical Textiles / Shieldex US

  • Portable RF shielding enclosures (tents)
  • RF Shielded Pouches and Cases
  • RF Shielded Curtains and Custom Shielded products

Recent / New   (click below) 

Siglent signs on for Illinois and Missouri 5/1/2017
Siglent offers high performance, low cost Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Scopes, DC Supplies, etc.

OPHIR RF offers LISNs for CISPR 16-1-2, MIL-STD-461F/G, RTCA-DO-160G, and Automotive

OPHIR RF signs Electronic Instrument Associates Central as Missouri  Representatives

OPHIR RF signs Electronic Instrument Associates Central as new Midwest Representatives

EMSCAN announces new Testxpert for production testing
EMSCAN Corporation

ETS-Lindgren - New signal generator for EMCenter, 9kHz to 6GHz with up to 100kHz in modulation!

NoiseKen! announces new ESD Solution, ESS-S3011/GT-30R

EMSCAN now offers rent to own (with no penality)
EMSCAN Corporation

Electronic Instrument Associates now represents NoiseKen! for Conducted Immunity Solutions

Electronic Instrument Associates now represents Shieldex for outdoor RF "tents" from V Technical Textiles
Vtechnical Textiles

ETS-Lindgren - Electronic Instrument Associates Central  now  covering Missouri

EIA now covering Missouri for ETS-Lindgren!
Electronic Instrument Associates Central, Inc.

EMSCAN videos on U-Tube!
EMSCAN Corporation

EMSCAN now offers 8 different models of RFxpert, 300MHz to 6Ghz for antenna designers
EMSCAN Corporation

EMSCAN now offers 8 different models of EMxpert!  Frequency range of 150kHz to 8GHz for PC designers
EMSCAN Corporation

ETS-Lindgren - "Guaranteed" EMC System Solutions

EMSCAN announces Educational program for Universities
EMSCAN Corporation

ETS-Lindgren - more new power amplifier solutions / systems

ETS-Lindgren - new BIM Solutions

OMEGA SHIELDING new variations of fingerstock
Omega Shielding

ETS-Lindgren announces new EMField Generator

ETS-Lindgren - New App Note on EMC Field Generator

ETS-Lindgren - new power amplifiers

EMC Training Class in January
Silent Solutions

EMSCAN announces new systems with embedded spectrum analyzers
EMSCAN Corporation

ETS-Lindgren-Antennas to Go!

AE Techron announces new 7548RLY Protection Relay Testing system
AE Techron


>>>For Highlights from the 2015 IEEE-EMC Symposium, click here!<<<

Questions?  Call Frank Krozel at 630-924-1600 or email frank@electronicinstrument.com 


For more information contact Frank Krozel.
Electronic Instrument Associates-Central, Inc.