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Electronic Instrument Associates has been working with EMSCAN on solutions for RFID.  

RFID tags have always posed a unique situation for engineers as they were a difficult  technology to measure, check patterns, etc.  Just checking to see it they work (especially in a production environment!) may be a real issue.

Our solution uses EMxpert and RFxpert, both proven technologies from EMSCAN.

Low frequency RFID…NFC it is all the same thing. 13.56 MHz is the center frequency so the EMxpert is the tool that is relevant. You will need to activate the RFID/NFC antenna to scan with the EMxpert. You can use a VNA or signal generator to make the RFID antenna emit or use a reader to excite the RFID antenna long enough for the EMxpert to scan it while it emits.

Here is the Expert for your review: https://www.emscan.com/products/emc-emi-testing/ 

For upper frequencies, RFID from 840MHz to 960MHz, we suggest the RFXpert because this is no longer near-field.  It is a standard far-field application. This is a sweet spot for the RFxpert!

Here is the RFXpert: https://www.emscan.com/products/antenna-testing/

Here are some EMSCAN Application Notes (click on App Note for Link)


  • EMXpert (A quick tool to check out if the RFID tag is actually working.  Excite with a VNA or signal generator to make the RFID tag emit or use a reader to excite) 
  • RFXpert  (A quick tool to check out your RFID tag before it is integrated to your product) or after the RFID tag is integrated into your product.  If you are purchasing the RFID tag or building your own this allows a quick check of the performance.)
  • TESTxpert (A test tool used in manufacturing)

ETS-Lindgren (RF Shielding Table-Top enclosures and RF shielding rooms)

Omega Shielding  Fingerstock, gasketing, etc, see below for specifics

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OPHIR RF, Inc.       





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